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Why did you become a Physio?

Originally it is because I participated in sports growing up. I've had my fair share of injuries and pains growing up and know what its like to put your trust in a physiotherapist. However, as I have continued I thoroughly enjoy how amazingly our bodies have been designed and how we are able to adapt to any stimulus give to our bodies. It makes helping people make changes to their bodies very rewarding when you have this understanding.

What do you love about being a Physio?

​How using your knowledge of how the body works and moves can guide you to making big changes in someone's life, and even better is when I get to explain this in a way that allows the patient to understand this and help them appreciate their bodies. I definitely would say I have an interest in populations of whom partake in some form of physical activity e.g. gym, sports, running, bouldering, etc. I have a special interest in sports injuries, in particular ACL rehabilitation, patella tendinopathy, lifting injuries, and back pain which has failed traditional approaches.


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  • Sports: Bodybuilding, mixed martial arts, swimming
  • Restaurant or type of food: Thai food - can't beat a good pad see ew
  • Holiday locations: Thailand, Switzerland, Japan
  • Podcasts or music: Huberman Lab Podcast, The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast, The Game w/ Alex Hormozi Podcast
  • TV shows or movies: I haven't watch a show or movie in probably 5 years :/
  • Hobbies: Social media, working out, business
  • Teams: Don't watch sports anymore :/ but used to be a gunners fan in the EPL

Qualifications and Experience

  • Masters of Physiotherapy
  • David Grey Lower Body Biomechanics course
  • Sports Trainer Level 1
  • Sports Taping
  • Postural Restoration Institute Course
  • Functional Movement Screen (FMS)
  • Functional Range Conditioning (FRC)
  • Current APA Member
  • WorkCover Accredited
  • ​DNS Course Level A
  • NDIS registered physiotherapist

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PRIV - Physio Initial Consultation

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