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Finding the Cause

Every day, each of us experience a build of up different stresses as a result of living our lives. These stresses can lead to direct or indirect changes in our bodies that can lead to any number of physical changes that can affect our lives. The stressors could be:

Physical. This could be trauma, falls, frequent lifting at work, your posture, training routine or the position you sleep in.

Emotional or psychological. Emotional stress and anxiety, lack of sleep.

Chemical: Medication side effects, recreational drug use as well as the effects of an imbalanced diet can have enormous affects on our bodies.

Behavioural. This might include your sleeping patterns, posture and breathing.

Do some of these ​sound familiar to you? The effect of these can be anything from a simple or one-off incident such as a fall, it could be a repetitive task as with typing on the computer at work or it could be the result of cumulative stresses over long periods , as with postural changes. There are so many examples in our lives and these combined with our bodies way of adapting and coping, often lead us to the aches and pains that eventually take us to the doctor, to the physiotherapist or to a chiropractor.

Sports Physiotherapy
activ therapy difference
activ therapy difference
activ therapy difference

We understand that a biological, mechanical or structural diagnosis such as a muscle tear, osteoarthritis or disc injury is important however we seek to address it in a way to not only treat it but also to prevent it from occurring again. How? Once we have a diagnosis of what is damaged we go through our structured assessment to find the reason for why. This could include.

What behavioural, emotional, physical, hereditary issues have predisposed you to this?

What coping mechanisms have been occurring?

How have these affected your body?

What processes are happening in your body that are causing this pain?

Once we have answered these questions we can develop a complete strategy to address them.

Striving for excellence and what sets us apart

At Activ Therapy we have 3 pillars that we build our service on

​1 to 1 treatment every time.

Have you been to a physiotherapist and your treatment has consisted of 10 minutes of a heat pack, 15 minutes on a machine, 5 minute quick rub down from the physio then a few exercises you could have found on youtube? Or perhaps you saw a chiro and had an assistant massage you for 20 minutes followed by a 5 minute pop in by the chiro to crack your joints...

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​A real integrated solution

Not sure whether you should see a physio or a chiro? What about a massage therapist or maybe an exercise physiologist? The health market in Australia can be confusing and we are trying to find the answers. Here we combine the best assessment techniques and strategies from all the professions to make sure we have the right solution to your problem.

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We actually get results

Have you found yourself being told be your physio or chiro to come in for weeks (or months) without expecting improvement? There has to be a better way. We demand results and our goal is to get your fast relief from your pain and a strategy to not only keep the pain away but also address the underlying problem to help you keep the problems away.

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Striving for excellence and what sets us apart

The Activ 4 Life way is our signature approach to helping people go from pain to a lifetime of health and performance, quickly and sustainably. What we have found in the past is that patients would come in for treatment, get better but down the track would come back for a recurrence of the same problem, a different pain (that often related back to their first issue) or with separate problems all together.

We saw that a lot could be done to prevent this and there was a better way.

Stay Active for Life with ActivTherapy
Recover from pain with ActivTherapy in Sydney

In a lot of cases when pain first hits it is a sign of the body not functioning well and usually this has been happening for a while. Some underlying issue that caused weakness, stiffness and dysfunction that led to pain. Of course there are also a lot of cases where a healthy and well functioning person experiences an accident or injury causing problems.

In both cases we figure out we always start by working to reduce pain and improve movement as fast as possible. Most of the time we make improvements from the very first session. We also make sure that we understand (and help you to understand) what underlying issues exist that may have contributed.

Getting this pain and movement right is achieved in what we call the relief phase. This is where most people start to feel good and often will feel like they are ok. In almost every situation though this is definitely not the end.

If you have had large damage to tissues or you have had an underlying dysfunction causing acute pain and restriction, then most definitely your body will have started to struggle to "work" correctly. This means once you get the pain down and movement right its time to retrain the body so you can get back to what you want to do and have a body that can do it. This is the recovery phase.

At the end of this phase you will be doing everything that you were doing before if not more and have a body capable of doing it.

Once you are back to everything that you need to do the final piece of the puzzle is to ensure that you can continue to do this without new problems popping up (or the old ones rearing back up). Here we can help to combat the every day stressors in your life that may be impacting your health and develop strategies to manage these as well as the effects on your body. We do this in the performance phase.

When we say "performance" we don't necessarily mean an athlete (although we have helped hundredes of professional, amateur and recreational athletes over the years). What we mean is the ability to peform what you need. It could be work, duties at home or sport and exercise. We will help ensure that you stay at the peak of your health performance.

Revitalise with ActivTherapy Massage Therapy

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