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Activ 4 Life Group Health Classes

The Activ 4 Life Program is specifically designed for maintenance and recovery with chronic illness and suitable for anyone who is simply looking for a safe place to exercise. It has been established to fill a gap in today's fitness and health injury.

Everyone knows that you should exercise and you have probably had your physiotherapist, specialist and family doctor say this to you before. The problem is finding a safe place where there is qualified supervision and in an environment with like minded people dealing with the same roadblocks to better health.

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So what is the Activ 4 Life Program?

The Activ 4 Life program is a small group exercise class designed and supervised by exercise physiologists and physiotherapists. The program utilises floor exercises, light weights and cardiovascular equipment to assist with a range of chronic diseases as well as their risk factors.

The program includes cardiovascular exercise, core stability, flexibility, functional exercises and whole body strengthening.

So what is the Activ 4 Life Program?

Activ 4 Life Classes are currently available at Moorebank Anytime fitness and will soon be available at other local facilities.

Who is it suitable for?

Activ 4 Life classes are suitable for anyone who wants to improve their health under the supervision of university qualified exercise physiologists. The program is specifically designed to assist with the management of a range of chronic illnesses as well as the associated risk factors. These chronic conditions include:

Type II Diabetes.

Cardiac conditions and post cardiac surgery.



Rheumatoid arthritis.


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The Activ 4 life program is also suitable for anyone recovering from total hip or knee replacement or looking to improve their general fitness and activity levels.

Do I need a clearance from my doctor?

A medical clearance isn't required in most cases however it is recommended. When you arrive for your first session you will complete an initial assessment and questionnaire will an exercise physiologist. Should the assessment indicate any potential contraindications to exercise we will request you contact your GP for a clearance.

How do I pay for it?

Activ 4 Life exercise programs are run by a university qualified exercise therapist which mean that it may be covered by your private health fund. Most private health funds now cover exercise physiology.For patients with diabetes, you may be eligible for cover under Medicare. Contact us for further information.The program can also be paid privately and discounts apply for multiple classes.

The Activ 4 Life program is part of the HEAL program coordinated by South Western Sydney PHN. Click here to find out more about the HEAL program.

Great! How do I get started?

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