Core Purpose of ActivTherapy health services in Sydney areas

The Activ Therapy story begins in 2012 where a Physiotherapist, a Chiropractor and an Exercise Physiologist saw a major problem in the private practice model

Bringing together 30+ years of combined experience in Allied Health, Activ Therapy was launched as a small practice in Chipping Norton by Exercise Physiologist Andrew, Chiropractor Jimmy and Physiotherapist Richard. What they had been seeing was “old-school” Physiotherapy services offering nothing but machines and a few generic exercises, or Chiropractic treatment which consisted of a massage and 5 minutes of adjustments. Although there were powerful benefits of each profession, the results were slow and, in most cases, only offered short-lasting relief.

The Activ Therapy Signature solution

Frustrated by the slow and short-lived results from the traditional approach, Richard and Andrew co-created a new and innovative approach to revolutionise the private practice sector. Their goal was to find the most effective treatment approaches in order to deliver the best possible results in each and every case.

And thus the Activ Signature System was created

The Activ Signature System was created around 3 key beliefs:

  1. Find the True Cause of the pain
  2. Use Hands-On Techniques to achieve fast improvements in pain and function
  3. Strengthen the affected areas using specific exercises to achieve long term results

By adopting the new integrated and multidisciplinary approach to treatment, they were able to provide the best health solutions and answered the big questions that many patients had.

In their first year, they were seeing hundreds of patients who were sick of the old traditional approach. Before long, they outgrew their Chipping Norton location and opened up Moorebank, Liverpool and Casula locations in quick succession.

These 3 simple but crucial elements have been the cornerstones of their treatment ever since.

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The Activ Therapy Growth Pathway

The early success of Activ Therapy led to rapid growth in both number of clinic locations and also practitioners. It wasn’t long until our small team of therapists grew to over 10.

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The largest allied health provider in South Western Sydney​

From our humble beginnings, Activ Therapy now has 13 locations in South and Southwest Sydney. We now proudly service over 2500 patients every month, and help thousands of people find the root cause of their problem, restore their health and regain their confidence and independence again.

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