NDIS-approved physiotherapy services provided by ActivTherapy in Dural Sydney for tailored care

Elevating Wellness through Movement: NDIS Exercise Physiology Programs

Activ Therapy exercise physiology for participants of NDIS include home visit home visits, gym and care facility based as well as hydrotherapy programs.

Exercise Physiology is about improving your physical capacity to improve independence and get involved in more activities at home, work, school and in your community. This is achieved through exercise prescription which can be provided in a range of settings to best suit your convenience, situation, medical history and level of function and fitness.

An NDIS exercise physiologist will assess your current level of function including looking at your range of movement, strength, stability, balance, flxibility and functional capacity. With this a tailored exercise program is created targeting your specific needs. These exercises are then adjusted over time as you progress or as your situation changes. Programs also include advice and education to enhance your general health and well being.

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Comprehensive Support for Wellness and Independence: NDIS Exercise Physiology Benefits

Our exercise physioloigsts can also provide in=depth reporting to assist with your funding and communicate and coordinate with other parties involved in your care.

Ways an exxercise physiologist can help include:

Improving strength and muscle mass.

Improve independence and quality of life.

Increase functional capacity and mobility.

Improve flexibility and mobility.

Improve coordination, gait and balance.

Provide strategies for falls prevention.

Weight loss and weight gain programs.

General fitness and conditioning.

Improve bone density.

Individualized management of pain and chronic health conditions.

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Tailored Exercise Programs at ActivTherapy in Sydney

Comprehensive Support for Wellness and Independence: NDIS Exercise Physiology Benefits

  1. Home based exercise programs utilising the equipment you have available or with equipment that we can provide or have ordered. We can also provide programs which require minimal to no equipment.
  2. Gym or facility based programs. Activ Therapy can provide instruction at various gyms all across Sydney.
  3. Hydrotherapy provided as either one to one or in group settings.
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NDIS funding for mobile physiotherapy explained

For people needing disability support, the National Disability Insurance Scheme can provide funding for allied health services including physiotherapy, exercise physiology and also in some cases chiropractic and massage therapy. Individuals with intellectual disability, mental health conditions and neurological disorders can access funding through the NDIS.

To find out more about how to access funding visitthe NDIS website.

Funding for physiotherapy and exercise physiology

If you are unsure about whether your funding under NDIS supports physiotherapy and exercise physiology services we can help. NDIS funding under the "improved health and wellbeing and/or "improved daily living" categories of your capacity building support budget can be used to access allied health services. Contact us with your NDIS plan and we can help you understand your funding or make an appointment and we can help you access the services you need.

Why choose Activ Therapy for your physiotherapy

Years of NDIS Experience

Experience in working with people with disability. Activ Therapy has been working within the NDIS for years and we understand what is needed to ensure you receive the support that you need.

Serving the Community Since 2012

We are your local provider. Activ Therapy is a Sydney clinic operating since 2012. We have been working in the Sydney south west community, providing the very best care.

Comprehensive Plans and Welcome Booklet

Activ Therapy provide a comprehensive plan and welcome booklet so that you understand what we do, your rights and what we do to help support you.

Facilitating Progress Tracking and Funding Support

Report writing, whether to provide progress reports or to help you obtain additional funding at your next review, we can provide comprehensive reporting to suit your needs.

Rooted in the Local Community

A local small business. We are 100% Australian owned and operated, starting with two therapists in 2012 and now employing over 50 people who love helping people.

Flexible Appointments

Receive the care when and where it suits you. Our times are flexible and we have a large team to suit your schedule and location.

Activ Therapy currently provides care throughout the following LGAs:

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