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Improving the health of local workers

Workplace injuries and the affects of them on the workplace in many ways, some obvious including lost time through injury (LTIs) as well as others that may be harder to calculate such as reduced morale and productivity. a study by the National Health and Safety Commission in 2004 found the total cost of workplace injury on businesses in Australia went up to 82.8 billion dollars!

Prioritising Prevention: Advantages of Reducing Workplace Injuries

Like with many things the best cure is prevention and this is particularly evident in workplace injury. Reducing the number and severity of workplace injuries can have the following benefits:

Reduced premiums.

Reduced lost time through injury (LTIs).

Reduced absenteeism.

Improved morale.

Improved productivity.

Improved job satisfaction and employee loyalty.

Physiotherapy service advantages by ActivTherapy in Sydney
Clinical physiologist at ActivTherapy Sydney providing expert physiological assessments

What can we offer employers and workers?

Combining both proven workplace wellness strategies with innovative programs to improve workers wellbeing, the Activ Therapy Employee Plus Program offers a package of health solutions to meet the need of any employer, large or small.

Discounted services for staff members.

Ergonomic assessment.

On site physiotherapy.

On site massage.

Corporate exercise and massage.

Manual handling seminars.

Pre-employment screening.

Complete management of onsite gym services.

Have you had an injury at work?

All our Physiotherapist, Chiropractors and exercise physiologists are workcover accredited and have experience with workplace injury. We will assess your injury and guide you through your recovery.

By maintaining communication with all parties and providing a complete service we ensure you reach your optimum recovery.

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