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Why did you become a Physio?

I became a physiotherapist from my first-hand experience of spending a lot of time at the physio clinic, particularly for basketball-related injuries, which exposed me to the transformative impact of physiotherapy. The guidance and support I received from my physiotherapist not only aided in overcoming injuries but also inspired me to pursue a career in helping others on their journey of recovery, achieve their goals and return to an active lifestyle.

What do you love about being a Physio?

I love being a physio because I enjoy seeing people get better from their injury or health condition, whether it be returning to daily task, the sport field or work, I find contributing to their recovery is both fulfilling and rewarding My main interest as a physiotherapist includes helping people with sporting or gym injuries, post operation and return to sport rehab


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  • Sports: Basketball
  • Restaurant or type of food: Sushi, KBBQ and steak
  • Holiday locations: America, Bali, Japan
  • Podcasts or music: Daniel Caesar, SZA, Blxst
  • TV shows or movies: Brooklyn 99, The Office, Avengers End Game
  • Hobbies: Gym, Bouldering, Basketball
  • Teams: Minnesota Timberwolves, Penrith Panthers

Qualifications and Experience

Bachelor of Physiotherapy, Bachelor of Education (Primary)

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PRIV - Physio Initial Consultation

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