Why did you become an Exercise Physiologist?

I became an EP to improve the health and well-being of individuals to prevent avoidable illness and early mortality.

What do you love about being an Exercise Physiologist

What I love most about my role as an EP is meeting different individuals and seeing a smile on their faces after a session, as well as learning about people and the importance of their rehab program to their lives.


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  • Sports: Boxing, MMA, Rugby League, Motorsport
  • Restaurant or type of food: Pub feed, Thai, buffet
  • Holiday locations: Thailand, Cyprus, gold coast
  • TV shows or movies: Just mercy, any type of sports documentary ( drive to survive, full swing, etc),
  • Hobbies: Boxing/kickboxing/martial arts
  • Teams: Bulldogs ( NRL), Swans, Chelsea

Qualifications and Experience

B. Exercise and sports science 

M. Clinical Exercise Physiology

Cert IV nutrition


Group fitness instructor

Online/digital marketing

Sales ( retail, selling gym memberships)

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PRIV - Physio Initial Consultation

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