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Massage Therapy

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Why did you become a Massage therapist?

I chose to become a massage therapist primarily because of my deep desire to assist and support my mother, who has faced numerous health issues. It became apparent to me that I could make a meaningful difference in her life and potentially help others with similar challenges. Moreover, the field of massage therapy intrigued me as it provided a unique avenue to broaden my knowledge within the health and wellness sector. This blend of personal motivation and a passion for health and healing ultimately led me to embark on a career in massage therapy.

What do you love about being a Massage therapist?

I love being a massage therapist as it allows me the opportunity to genuinely make a positive impact on my community's well-being. I love educating people on how they can effectively manage and address their health concerns. It's incredibly rewarding to witness the transformative potential of minor lifestyle adjustments and ergonomic improvements. The ability to empower individuals with knowledge and the means to lead healthier, more comfortable lives is a source of great fulfillment in my practice. It's the genuine difference I can make that fuels my passion for this profession. My interest in massage therapy are in Chronic Care, where I am deeply committed to helping individuals who are dealing with chronic health issues. This involves offering ongoing support, pain management, and improved quality of life for those facing long-term conditions.


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  • Sports: Soccer, Volleyball
  • Restaurant or type of food: Japanese, Steakhouses, Vietnamese
  • Holiday locations: Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines
  • Podcasts or music: Eminem, Adele, Andre Rieu(Violinist)
  • TV shows or movies: The Following, Breaking Bad, War Hammer 40k
  • Hobbies: Fishing, Diving, Camping
  • Teams: Melbourne Storms, Sydney Wanderers

Qualifications and Experience

  • Personal Trainer: As a certified Personal Trainer, I specialize in creating tailoredfitness programs to help individuals achieve their health and fitness goals,focusing on strength, flexibility, and overall well-being.
  • Remedial Massage Therapist: With a decade of experience, I offer a range of massagetherapies, including cupping, taping, and pregnancy massage, providing relieffrom musculoskeletal issues and promoting relaxation.
  • Aged Care and Falls Prevention: I have actively contributed to falls preventioninitiatives in aged care, gaining valuable insights into enhancing the safetyand well-being of the elderly.
  • Cert IV in Allied Health (Physio Aid): This certification forms the foundation of myallied health knowledge, enabling me to provide holistic care and support toclients.
  • ConstructionIndustry Expertise: With a strong background in the construction industry, Ihold critical tickets and licenses, including Confined Spaces, Working atHeights, Rigging, and Telco Technician qualifications. These experiences haveinstilled in me a commitment to precision, safety, and attention to detail.

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PRIV - Physio Initial Consultation

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