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Why did you become a Physio?

Surprisingly, becoming a physiotherapist was something that I never imagined that I would end up pursuing! Coming out from high school I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, but I knew that I wanted to give back to the community and help others in a health-related field. It wasn’t until I researched what Physios do and discovered how we are able to provide hands-on treatment and prescribe rehab exercises to help improve someone’s health, that I knew that this is what I would love doing!

Physiology at ActivTherapy Sydney
ActivTherapy Physiology

What do you love about being a Physio?

​Someone might have a minor injury, but this minor injury can have major impacts on their daily lives. What I love most as a Physio is that I am able to have a positive influence on my client's lives. I love seeing my client’s happiness change from when I first meet them, and hearing about all the things that they're now able to do that they’ve wanted to for such a long time! My passion in Physiotherapy is in gym and sporting-related injuries, and post-operative recovery and rehabilitation for the hip, knee and shoulder surgeries.


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  • Sports: Aerial Lyra, Pilates
  • Restaurant or type of food: I love Japanese food and seafood!
  • Holiday locations: Japan or Iceland!
  • Podcasts or music: Alternative, R&B, Pop
  • TV shows or movies: Black Mirror, Interstellar
  • Hobbies: Gym, reading, playing games!
  • Teams: Don't have one!

Qualifications and Experience

  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy (WSU)
  • SIRA Accredited
  • NDIS Registered Physiotherapist

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PRIV - Physio Initial Consultation

PRIV - Physio Initial Consultation

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